How to Gain Muscle Mass in The Legs?


Many people wonder how to gain muscle mass in the legs, since for some it is difficult to gain muscle in this area of ​​the body. On other occasions it is even left aside by those who focus on the upper body.

Many guys spend hours at the gym on their upper body, ignoring their legs in favour of the chest, biceps, triceps, or back. Although the torso produces results more quickly and dramatically, this results in disproportionately large bodies.


Keep in mind that knowing how to gain muscle mass in the legs is important not only to see them more attractive, but also for health since if they are well trained, injuries typical of those who do not maintain a balance between all muscle groups will be avoided.

Gaining muscle mass, whether in the legs or in the upper body, implies a great deal of effort and dedication, being a goal that anyone who wants to can achieve, although to do so they will have to maintain healthy eating habits, as well as appropriate exercise routines.

In this way, with the combination of these two factors, plus adequate rest, it will be possible to achieve evident results in a reasonable period of time.

Instructions to gain muscle mass in the legs


If you want to know how to gain muscle mass in your legs, we leave you with a series of steps that you must follow to achieve your goal:

  1. The first step to carry out to improve the muscles of your legs is not physical. It is important that you carry out a good diet, since otherwise, no matter how much you exercise, you will not notice good results. To gain muscle in your legs you will have to increase calories and protein, but in the right amount so that they do not turn into fat and instead turn into muscle.
  2. Contrary to what happens when training other muscle groups, such as those corresponding to the upper body, it is not something that everyone likes. Much of it is because they are less flashy and flashy than abs, pecs, or biceps. For this reason, the second step to take is to look for motivation to exercise the lower body.
  3. With the previous steps clear, it is time to start the activity. Before starting to gain muscle mass you should stretch and warm up. This will prepare the body for training. You can jog lightly for five minutes and then stretch your quads, hamstrings, and warm up your knees and ankles.
  4. Once you have warmed up and stretched it is time to start the exercises. If you want to know how to gain muscle mass in your legs, you should know that performing squats is an ideal first exercise to include in your training routine. Pay attention to the posture, that it is correct. When you have mastered the exercise, you can add load and difficulty. For this you can use a weight bar or dumbbells. In this way you will be exerting greater force on the muscles of your lower body.
  5. A second exercise to increase the level of muscle mass in the legs is to opt for strides, lunges or lounge. It is an exercise that is very effective and, as with squats, you can add more load. In this case holding dumbbells with your hands or placing a bar in the neck area.
  6. The third exercise is focused on the hamstrings. The recommended exercise is the Romanian deadlift
  7. In addition to these exercises and any other you can do and a good diet, you need one last factor to achieve the best results, which is to rest the necessary hours. It is advisable to rest around 7-8 hours a day.

What do you need to gain muscle mass in the legs?

  • Follow a good diet.
  • Be motivated to do the training.

Tips to gain muscle mass in the legs


In addition to taking into account all the aspects indicated for training, it is advisable that you take into account these tips:

  • Plan your training: Good planning is important to achieve the best training results when it comes to knowing how to gain muscle mass in the legs. For this you can plan and set your training schedules each day, adding this routine to your day to day. This way you will not have excuses for lack of time to be able to exercise the lower body of your body.
  • Track your progress: A good way to stay motivated to exercise is to keep track of your progress. This way you can check your progress. Beyond weighing yourself, to know the muscle gain you will have to use a tape measure and measure the different parts of your body. Write them down wherever you want and measure yourself every two weeks or a similar frequency. In this way you can see if you evolve, encouraging you to continue with your routines.


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