How to Do Aqua Gym


Do you like water sports? These are the favorites of many, since with them it is possible to exercise a large number of muscles and best of all, since the body is denser than water, it can float and thus reduce the impact on the joints, such as the ankles, knees and hips, among others.

On the other hand, it should be noted that these sports are very fun. While it is true that swimming is the best known, it is not the only one that exists today. Actually, there is a wide variety from which you can choose, taking into account your tastes, but also your specific needs.

One of the water activities that has gained more popularity in recent years is aqua gym, also known as water gymnastics. Since a series of elements are incorporated to practice it, we could say that it is a very varied activity.

Have you heard of her? Probably yes. Would you like to practice it? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article you will find everything you need to know about aqua gym, including its description, what you need to practice it, its exercises, its benefits and contraindications.

By having this information at hand, you will know if it is a viable option for you, taking into account both your background and your expectations. On the other hand, if you have not yet decided to practice it, this can be a great incentive.

You can even do it from home, if you have a pool large and deep enough to have the expected effect. With the help of an explanatory video, you can do your training routine whenever you want and at the most convenient time. But, let’s see right now what it consists of and how to practice it.

Instructions for aqua gym

Aqua gym is nothing more than a form of aquatic gymnastics, which is also known as aquatic fitness. It involves carrying out a series of aerobic exercises, done in an aquatic environment, to the rhythm of music under the supervision and guidance of a qualified monitor.

As its name indicates, it must be done in the water with the head out. It can be done in a pool or by the sea. Accessories or materials can be implemented, such as fins, foam strips, dumbbells, gloves, balls, elastic bands and even machines such as bicycles or water steps.

The main objective of these exercises is to exercise the muscles. However, they also manage to increase the resistance and strength of the body. In addition, when performed in the water, it stimulates cardiovascular activity, since it requires constant movement.

There are different modalities of aqua gym, which vary depending on the exercises that are performed and the resistance of each person. In addition, aqua gym is also divided into levels.

Its basic level only lasts about 30 minutes and its purpose is to improve or correct posture. The intermediate level lasts 40 to 45 minutes and includes exercises with a higher level of difficulty executed with more speed. As for the advanced level, the resistance must be equal to or greater than 45 minutes and movements are perfected through choreography.

What do you need to do aqua gym?

  •  aerobics: they are performed in order to increase the heart rate, as well as stimulate the production of oxygen. This favors the activity of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. Especially when practiced with moderate intensity. Some of these exercises are walking and running, but also swimming and cycling, which can also be done with aqua gym.
  •  Those of resistance or strength: these exercises are those that are performed with the aim of improving posture and toning muscles. These movements are made before some object that offers resistance, as is the case with water. This resistance causes the muscles to become stronger and take on a specific shape.
  •  Those of flexibility: they are the exercises that are in charge of stimulating the muscular elasticity. This helps keep the joints in good condition, while reducing the risk of suffering some type of injury, improving posture, breathing and muscle strength.

For this and much more, aqua gym is an excellent sport for all kinds of people, but especially for people with muscle or joint problems, as well as for those who need to undergo some type of rehabilitation.

On the other hand, it is a sport that can be practiced by those who are not physically fit, pregnant women, the elderly or overweight.

If you want to practice aqua gym, you need to know what its benefits are. Knowing this will end up motivating you to want to try it, if possible, right now.

Tips for doing aqua gym

  1. Since in the water your weight is reduced between 80 and 90%, this sport becomes one of low impact. In other words, your body does not suffer and any possibility of suffering some type of injury is considerably reduced.
  2. It is ideal for those people who suffer from back problems, joint pain, sclerosis or some other ailment in the extremities, especially in the legs.
  3. It is considered one of the best allies for those who want to model their figure. Since these are low-impact exercises and your body weight is reduced, doing simple exercises makes your muscles work harder, even if you don’t realize it.
  4. Thanks to aqua gym you can improve your silhouette, tone your chest and buttocks, refine your abs, etc. In addition, it allows you to burn at least 600 calories in just 30 minutes of exercise, the same as you would burn in an hour and a half on dry land.
  5. Moreover, the movements of the water have a positive impact on the skin. They apply a massage that helps stimulate circulation and, therefore, reduce fluid retention and the much-hated cellulite or orange peel skin.
  6. However, in addition to improving your muscles, it also helps you stimulate your cardiovascular rhythm, improve blood circulation and respiratory tone.
  7. It brings great benefits to mental health, since, after practicing it, it leaves a relaxing effect and a feeling of lightness. Also, since it causes the release of endorphins, it generates a feeling of well-being and pleasure.
  8. In addition, as it is a collective sport, it gives you the opportunity to interact with others and have a pleasant and fun time.
  9. Anyone can practice it, regardless of their physical condition, age, sex or weight. In fact, it is highly recommended for pregnant women who suffer from muscle pain.
  10. It is not necessary that you know how to swim, since to practice it you must be standing and, therefore, it is carried out in the shallowest part of the pool.
  11. Since you’re in the water, your body doesn’t overheat, which means you sweat less and feel less fatigued and exhausted.
  12. The different elements that make it up, such as the music, the partners, the coach, the materials and the exercises themselves, make aqua gym a very fun sport.
  13. It is an excellent sport for the summer season, since you can exercise without having to suffer or deal with inclement weather.
  14. Since water makes the body more resistant, the joints increase their range of motion, which means that the flexibility of the body increases.

As you have been able to realize, aqua gym is very beneficial for your health. Therefore, it is one of the most recommended by experts in the field. However, before you decide to practice it or not, it is important that you know the two sides of the coin and are aware of its contraindications.

Some contraindications

Since it is not a risk-free sport, so that you can enjoy the experience as much as possible, it is important that you know what its limitations are.

Some of its disadvantages have to do with the point of view of practicality. For example, it cannot be practiced if you do not have access to a swimming pool or, failing that, to the sea. On the other hand, in addition to paying for the classes, in most cases it is necessary to cancel the membership that gives access to the training place.

It is also necessary to have highly qualified personnel so that the training is adequate and of quality.

In addition, aqua gym is a sport in which considerable energy is wasted, in fact, greater than that generated by another type of sport, despite the fact that its exercises are slower.

In case you suffer from a specific disease or have any health problem, it is always recommended that you consult a specialist before doing any type of physical activity, no matter what it is.

Despite the above, there are many more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, what are you waiting for to start practicing aqua gym? Search the Internet for the places closest to your home to practice it or, if you have a swimming pool at home, find out if there are possibilities of receiving classes online.

No matter what the case, don’t forget to invite a couple of friends or family. This will make the experience much better, more fun, pleasant and stimulating.

Keep in mind that, if your purpose is to lose weight, in order to obtain better results, you must accompany the exercises with a balanced diet and adequate water consumption.

If you take these recommendations into account, you will be able to obtain visible results in a very short time, while enjoying the pleasant experience of practicing aqua gym.


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