How to Avoid Injuries in The Gym?


Injuries are one of the great concerns for anyone who plays sports regularly, regardless of the type of activity they do and, especially, if it is a person who plays sports to compete. An injury can lead to being away from physical activity for months, being, in fact, one of the main reasons that many people stop exercising.

Knowing how to avoid injuries in the gym is very important and for this you have to take into account a series of indications that will help you prevent this possibility when carrying out your workouts.

This type of advice is suitable to avoid all types of injuries, from those who want to avoid knee injuries to those who want to prevent a muscle strain. Continue reading and find out.

Instructions to avoid injuries in the gym

If you want to know how to avoid injuries in the gym, it is very important that you follow the following instructions:

  1. Don’t do exercises without warming up first. On many occasions, people make the serious mistake of arriving at the gym and, as soon as they step on it, start exercising with a machine, starting physical activity without a previous warm-up. This is one of the main causes that give rise to sports injuries. To avoid this, you must carry out a warm-up routine that allows you to prepare your body for the exercises that you are going to do.
  2. Do not exceed weight. Another common mistake is that you seek to work with weights and other machines with a weight greater than what you really have the ability to support. Being in a gym it is advisable that you go to the professional if you have doubts about it. In any case, you should avoid working your muscles with loads that are too heavy for you. If you exceed the work of the muscles, it is likely that it will end up leading to an injury.
  3. Regular physical exercise. Those people who go to the gym very punctually are more likely to suffer an injury than those who go daily or regularly. It is preferable to go more days a week for less time than to go one day and stay for several hours. In this way you will get your body used to exercise and you will be less likely to suffer an accident in the form of an injury.
  4. Exercise fully. A common mistake is to focus on a single area of ​​the gym, that is, to focus exclusively on one type of exercise in particular because it is what a person is interested in exercising above all else. This is another mistake as it will increase the risk of injury. That is why variety is important and try to go through the vast majority (or all) of the areas of the gym. This does not imply that you have to do all the machines, but it does imply that there is variety in the exercises. In this way you will have less risk of suffering a physical problem.
  5. Don’t use a machine without knowing it. If you are new to the gym or have never used a particular machine, it is important that you ask the monitor for information. In this way you will avoid using the machine incorrectly. This is more common than it may seem and doing it the wrong way can put your integrity at risk, making it more likely that you will suffer an injury.
  6. Hydration. Hydration is essential. Its importance is maximum to avoid injuries in the gym. For this reason, you should always carry a bottle of water with you and take small sips, even if you are not thirsty. If you hydrate properly you will be less likely to suffer an injury.
  7. Plan your training and personalize it. You should keep in mind that not all exercises are suitable for all people. each workout should be tailored to the individual’s condition, age, weight, gender, and her needs and goals. That is why it is important to follow a plan in the gym. In this way you will avoid doing exercises that exceed your capabilities. To do this, consult the monitor or personal trainer.
  8. Rest. Rest is very important, especially when training muscles. It is advisable that you do not overstrain. Performing an exercise continuously will not guarantee that you will have faster results. The muscles need a period of rest and if you do not give it, you will be exposing yourself to a great risk of injury. This can mean that, because you want an immediate result, it is likely that you will suffer an injury that will take you longer to achieve your goal.
  9. Balanced diet. Diet is key to injury prevention. To do this you must maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. These help with muscle relaxation and recovery.
  10. For if you have pain. Never ignore a discomfort or pain that you may have in a certain area of ​​your body or if you feel any kind of discomfort such as dizziness. Try to rest and if the pain persists for several sessions, go to a doctor who can assess your situation and indicate the appropriate treatment after diagnosis.
  11. Use the proper equipment. Although it may seem logical, it is not always done this way. To prevent injuries, it is important that you exercise with the proper equipment. Do not wear worn shoes or use inappropriate clothing. Although it may seem unimportant to you, it can have its influence when it comes to causing or avoiding an injury, whether muscular or of any other type.


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