How to Exercise the Muscles of the Face?


In general, those who want to look good usually focus on working on the appearance of their body. That is, he tries to have a flat abdomen, firm arms, well defined legs, rounded and hard buttocks, a firm chest and a stylized neck.

However, the truth is that, over time, the whole body becomes flaccid, as the skin tends to lose its elasticity. In view of this, it is necessary to exercise each part of it, to look good and have a much younger appearance, such is the case of the face.

In fact, what’s the point of striving to have a firm body if your face is full of wrinkles? Some might mistakenly think that the only alternative to get rid of facial wrinkles is plastic surgery. But the truth is that there are other options. One of them is exercise.

Yes, remember that the face is made up of several muscles and, therefore, it is also possible to exercise them. All you have to do is perform the appropriate training routine.

Now, what if you have no idea what it is? Do not worry about that, since I will be indicating to you what are the exercises that you must do so that your nose looks thinner, your lips look thicker and your double chin is almost imperceptible. Actually, these exercises are a real miracle, if you do not want to undergo a painful surgical intervention.

In view of the excellent results that you will obtain, it is worth putting them into practice, if possible, starting today. Therefore, pay close attention, do not miss any detail and, while you read, try to execute each action that I will be indicating to you. This way you will be sure of having good results soon.

Instructions for exercising the muscles of the face

To strengthen the upper eyelids, you must do the following:

  1. Place your middle fingers between your eyebrows, just above the bridge of your nose.
  2. As for the index fingers, they should go to the outer corners of the eyes, pressing slightly.
  3. Then, you should look up and contract your lower lids, just as if you were going to pull them up.
  4. The intention is that you can feel with your fingers the beating of the muscle that is on the outside of the eye.
  5. Then, you will have to squint and relax the muscle, alternately, about 10 times in a row. Do it while concentrating on the pulsations of the muscles.
  6. Finally, hold the contraction of the lower eyelid, while you squeeze the upper ones, keeping your eyes tightly closed. Count to 40 and relax.

To stretch the forehead:

  1. Place both index fingers on the forehead, parallel to the eyebrows.
  2. Slide your fingers towards your eyebrows and look up.
  3. Put pressure with your fingers on the forehead, trying to push your eyebrows up.
  4. Raise your eyebrows and then relax them. Repeat about 10 times.
  5. Then, raise your eyebrows and press down with your fingers.
  6. Relax your muscles and massage your brows in circular motions.

Exercise to shorten the nose:

  1. The first thing you should do is use your index finger to lift the tip of your nose
  2. Then pull your upper lip down and point your nose in the same direction. As you do this, you will feel the tip of your nose pushing against your finger.
  3. Hold that same position for a second.
  4. Relax your lip and repeat this same exercise about 35 times, making sure your breathing is smooth.

To shape the contour of your lips:

  1. First, you must tighten your lips, but without falling to the point of puckering them.
  2. With your index finger, gently tap in the middle of your lips.
  3. Imagine that you are holding a pencil with your mouth.
  4. Then remove your finger from your lips and hold them together until you feel a slight burning sensation.
  5. Instantly make a pulsing motion with your finger, right in the center of your lips, and stop when you’ve counted to 30.

Exercises to minimize nasolabial folds:

  1. Separate your lips as if you were drawing an elongated oval with them.
  2. Make sure your upper lip is pressed tightly against your teeth.
  3. Run your fingers from the corner of the mouth to the sides of the nose. Do it up and then down.
  4. Repeat the same movement until you feel a slight burning sensation.
  5. Then, make pulsing motions with your index finger up and down, rapidly counting to 30.

To slim the face:

  1. Open your mouth and bring your lips to the inside of your mouth.
  2. Place your hands on either side of your jaw and slowly slide up.
  3. Keep this same position until you feel burning on both sides of your face.
  4. Finally, raise both arms above your head and hold for a count of 30.

What do you need to exercise the muscles of the face?

Actually, to do these exercises you do not need tools or objects to help you. It will be enough with your hands and your fingers to perform them successfully.

Of course, it is necessary that you apply pressure to the points that I have indicated and that you place your fingers in the correct place. Only then can you get the results you want so much.

It should be noted that some of these exercises can be done sitting or lying down. That is, as you feel more comfortable.

Tips for exercising the muscles of the face

Before starting these exercises, the recommendation is that you sit up straight and keep your stomach tight, as well as your upper leg and gluteal muscles. In this way, you can concentrate on the facial muscles that you are going to work.

When working the muscles, it is necessary that you experience a burning sensation, palpitations and vibrations, only then will you know that you are performing the exercise effectively.

When you exercise your facial muscles, your fingers serve the same role as weights by providing the stiffness needed for the muscle to work more actively.


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