How to Dress for The Gym


One of the things that must be taken into account whenever you decide to take the step and go to a gym is, among other things, not to clown, be ridiculous or go too far. That it can be all that, but it is not the subject to be discussed. Everyone can go as they want, but it looks weird and is most uncomfortable, not being dressed correctly.

That said, once you know the basics, and the subject of colors and brands, it is a matter of taste and purchasing power of each one. Of course, there will be people who only wear brand names, with well-known brands and always in the latest fashion. But not everyone can do the same (or does not want to). There’s no need. So if you have thought or felt a little bad at some point about it… forget it right now. You are going to train in the gym. To get in shape. Whoever looks at you or judges you by the clothes you wear, is in the wrong place. Therefore, you keep in mind what exercises you are going to do, what activities… and get to it.

Instructions for dressing in the gym

  1. When we comment that it will depend on the type of exercise, we say it because each sporting activity is different.
  2. For example, if you go to the gym and only do machines, it is sportswear, but if you do directed classes such as yoga or Pilates, another type. In the case of spinning another type, boxing, etc.
  3. Something that is basic when going to the gym is to know that there is a basic rule. Of course, sportswear should be worn. You cannot exercise, for example, with jeans, skirt, heels, etc. Until then, I think there were no doubts, because it would be totally ridiculous.
  4. Let’s talk about footwear. The essential thing is, sports shoes, or what is the same, sneakers, sports shoes… whatever you call them.
    Within this group of sports shoes, the type of sports shoes will depend a little, depending on the physical exercise. If they are only machine exercises, flat sports shoes that hold the foot well will suffice. In this way, the foot is better placed on the ground so that it grips.
  5. On the contrary, if you do a directed class such as spinning, you should wear appropriate footwear so that it grips well on the bike and your foot does not loosen every two times three. They are breathable and are only used for those specific indoor classes.
  6. As for women, in their case, underwear(specifically speaking of the bra) cannot be worn daily. Let’s see… by proxy, of course you can. But it is not comfortable, for example, to wear a bra with underwire, or without support, with lace… in the gym, sports bras. What kind of bra and/or sports top is up to each woman? There are women who have little chest and do not need much support. Others who, having enough, need to have a good support so that they hold the chest well and if they do impact exercises, they do not bounce the breasts and it hurts.
  7. As for the t-shirts… it’s free choice. Men can go with long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless, tank tops… the same as women. They, on the contrary, in addition, can also go on top. What cannot be done (in the case of men) is to take off the shirt and go without it. Although in some gyms some try and always have to call their attention.
  8. In general, what is sought and for comfort, is that they are comfortable and above all, breathable shirts.
  9. Each one of them is a world of pants… many prefer them short, especially in summer or throughout the year, others long… also think about what each one of you feels most comfortable with and in case you have thighs wide or if they rub against you, better long or pirates so you don’t get irritated.
  10. Socks are also a staple. You will see that there are people who wear them long, thick… everyone knows how sensitive their feet are and what they need. There are those who also buy breathable, branded, colorful, matching clothes, etc. The important thing is that they don’t hurt you or rub your feet and hurt you. The cotton ones always perspire better.
  11. Another fact to take into account and that they will always tell you when you join the gym is the issue of hygiene. Very important. And not only for yourself, but also for the others who share a gym with you. There is nothing more unpleasant than going to use a machine and finding it wet, sweaty, stained, etc. It is most unpleasant. To avoid this, a towel is always used. Think about how you like to find the machines and don’t do what you don’t like being done to you. In fact, in many gyms there are papers and cleaner for you to use and clean the machine when you finish using them. What is done is to place the towel on the bottom of the chairs, for example, on the back of the benches, to dry the sweat, etc.
  12. In the case of hair, it is not mandatory to wear it up, but it is recommended. Hair bands or headbands. There is nothing more annoying than finding hair in the gym or that you yourself are removing it from your face, it bothers you, it makes you hotter, it gets tangled…

What do you need to wear to the gym?

  • Sportswear.
  • Sports shoes. Taking into account if indoor classes are done and the sport that is going to be performed.
  • Sports socks.
  • Breathable clothing.
  • For women, sports bras.
  • Headband or hair bands, to wear it up.
  • Headphones to listen to music.
  • A towel.
  • Water bottle.

Tips for dressing at the gym

When you go to a gym, think about what you plan to do there as an exercise. If you want to do a little of everything, think about basics to save and not buy so many clothes. Tights or shorts will suffice. Make it comfortable. The lighter and more breathable fabric shirts, the better. And in the case of women, tops or bras with good support to avoid impact. Socks that don’t cause chafing, sneakers that are comfortable and if you have to invest in something, it should be precisely in that, in footwear. Always breathable clothing so as not to sweat even more or sweat a lot. As for accessories, it is already your choice. As in the case of headphones to listen to music, gloves, knee pads, lumbar belt, etc.

The towel or towels (one for inside the gym and one for the shower), the sports bag to store everything, the bottle of water or for proteins or shakes, and the things necessary for personal hygiene. Do not forget if you shower in the gym (as a tip) bring flip flops for the shower. In this way you will avoid being able to catch athlete’s foot and you will avoid unpleasantness.


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