On other occasions we have talked about the importance of sleeping well for the optimal functioning of the body. When we sleep, many regenerative processes occur. The cells of our brain are restored, as are the muscles and other tissues. Also during sleep, growth hormone is produced (produced by the pituitary gland) responsible, among other things, for delaying the aging process. 75% to 80% of growth hormone production occurs during sleep hours, which is why it is important to get at least eight hours of sleep. Prolactin (with anti-inflammatory properties) is also released during phase 3 and finally, during phase 4 oxygen helps to break down lactic acid.

If we deprive the body of sleep, we will not only be accumulating fat, we will also be less alert in training and we will perform less. Many times we give more importance to training, we believe that rest is less important than training five or six times a week intensely, but without a rest and especially a restful sleep, all our efforts can be in vain.

To have a restful sleep that helps you grow muscle, you must have sleep habits or hygiene. It is advisable to go to sleep and wake up always at the same time, avoid stimulating drinks, fall asleep in a room without light and at a temperature of 21 degrees and especially, avoid all equipment such as cell phones or tablets.

Despite all the efforts you put in, your muscles don’t grow? it’s time to check your sleep quality.


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