The fight against being overweight is very common, but there is also the other part. That is, the attempt of many people to gain weight. Are you one of the people who have tried everything and cannot gain a single gram? Forget about pills or treatments to gain weight. Pay attention and take a look at the following tips to gain your weight safely, naturally and without putting your health at risk:

· Determine your level of thinness . First calculate your body mass (BMI), to know how many kilos you need to gain and be at your ideal weight. To calculate the BMI divide your weight in kilos by the square of your height in meters kg / m2.

· Change your eating habits. You should know that this step requires discipline, willpower and motivation since you will have to make changes such as eliminating or including food that will help you achieve your mission. So do not wait and start little by little:

1.- Increase the consumption of calories: consume more than your body burns: 700 to 1000 calories a day more to gain weight quickly. If you want the process to be slower but constantly consume 300 and 500 calories a day.

2.- Consume more proteins to prevent calories from accumulating in the form of fat in the body and to transform them into muscle. You can consume 1.5 g and 2.2 g of protein for every kilo of your weight. Of course, do not forget to exercise to have better results.

3.- Eat foods with a high calorie content: cereals, dairy products, meat, nuts, tubers, fats and oils, avocados, dark chocolate, red wine, etc.

·Do exercise

Choose resistance exercises, the reason being that these exercises prevent calories from turning into fat and instead turning them into muscle mass. A good exercise is the weights.

Finally, we leave you more tips to help you in this process:

· Do not drink water before meals, to avoid being satiated before eating your food.
· Eat three meals a day balanced with: fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
· Do not eat a lot of vegetables, as they will fill your stomach very quickly.
· Try to increase your food portions.
· Avoid processed products, because although they have substances that help to gain weight they also bring with them health problems.
· Sleep and rest well.
· Forget pills or miracle diets.
· Prefer natural and healthy products, exercise, rest and you will begin to see results.


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