1- Stop eating food with added sugar

Natural foods have energy in the quality and quantity that your body requires. Prefers natural foods to industrialized ones. Always read the labels of industrialized foods.

2- Change your routine

If you have noticed that your progress is not as fast as before, it is because your muscles quickly learn the most efficient way to do an exercise. Change your routines constantly and you will notice that you will continue to progress

3- Sleep better

How? A ventilated room. Prefers cold to heat. Don’t use bright screens before sleeping. Go to bed a half hour earlier than normal at least one day a week.

4- relax

Stress will make you eat more and does not help you build muscle. Seek to have a more relaxed personality. Do only one activity at a time.

5- Make an effort when you exercise

Exercising is not enough if you want your results to be visible. Training intensely (progressing gradually) is what you should do.

6- eat enough protein

Proteins are the building blocks of your body, if you do not eat eggs, fish, meat, nuts and other sources of protein your body will have to use those of the muscles you already have to repair other tissues.

7- Be constant

The best results are only obtained by those who make the activities that lead them to their goals part of their routine. Set your goals, make your plan, and develop good habits.

8- eat more fruit

It is an excellent source of natural energy and will give you all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function as it should.

9- Set goals

According to numerous studies on the subject, people who are clear about their goals and write them down are more than twice as likely to achieve them.

10- be patient

The extraordinary results that not everyone gets are very often the result of good habits over time.


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