Except for those who are new to muscle training, building muscle is not easy. Muscles do not grow magically from taking a supplement or doing a particular exercise, it is a set of factors that work together. If there was a secret to increasing your muscle mass, it would be this: do not neglect any of the following factors:

Ask your muscles for the maximum they can give. This is definitely the most important factor, the muscles you have has to do directly with the muscular work you do. Your body will not waste energy creating muscles that you will not use.

Change your routine regularly. Your muscles are very “smart” and learn how to perform a movement with the least expenditure of energy. After four equal workouts, your body already knows how to do this with incredible efficiency. Not surprisingly, you no longer advance if you never change your exercises. Confuse those muscles and keep them active!

Feed those muscles. Protein with the building blocks of muscles, if you don’t eat enough protein, your body will take the necessary to rebuild muscles from where they are not used. A balanced workout requires a balanced diet rich in protein, otherwise you will not see progress.

Get adequate rest. Very important! The hormonal response that is required for your body to build muscle has a key moment during the night.

Stay hydrated all the time. We have already said it, most of your body is water, especially the muscles. They are also the vehicle that takes the nutrients to where they should be. Equally important is the fact that if you are not hydrated you will not give 100% in your workouts and if you do not there is no need to build more muscle.

Be patient. This point seems less important than the previous ones, but don’t be fooled. When you see someone with an enviable muscle mass, do not think that it is their genetics, it is usually the constant work of many months or years of training.


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