Sleeplessness . At night, when you sleep, your body repairs itself and produces the necessary hormones so that muscle can be built. If you do not get enough sleep, the next day you will have less energy, irritability and your willpower decreases so it is likely that you do not train with enough intensity, make poor decisions in your diet and have less physical activity in general.

Inadequate rest. If you think that training for three hours every day is going to give you the muscle you want, think again. People who manage to stimulate muscle growth optimally prefer short, intense workouts, followed by long periods of several days of rest (of the muscles that worked). The muscle does not grow during exercise but during rest.

Dehydration A difficult mistake to see as some people have a bad habit of drinking too little water. Dehydration, even slight, markedly decreases a person’s mental and physical performance.

Train with little intensity. Muscles grow only in response to a demand for force greater than what they are used to receiving. As simple as that.

Don’t change your routines frequently. A very common mistake. If you notice that you are not moving forward, that is to say that you cannot lift more weight, it is time to let those muscles rest and change your routines. You will see progress almost immediately.

Do not exercise large muscle groups. When you do compound exercises, which involve more than one joint, you strengthen your body’s adaptive response to intense training. Exercising your core is good for your core, but squatting is good for growing all your muscles.

Not eating enough protein. Its price is higher than carbohydrates and fats, but if you do not consume the proteins that your body needs to repair and build the tissues damaged during exercise, you will not see much progress.


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