In general, most people attend a gym for two reasons: to lose weight or to grow their muscles. And the reality is that a body with muscle, in addition to looking good, helps maintain good health.

Developing muscle mass is something that requires good strategies and especially discipline and work. If you are one of those who spend hours in the gym and cannot see results, take note of the following tips, since you are possibly making one or more of the mistakes that prevent your muscle mass from growing.

  1. You are not eating properly. If you go to the gym and train constantly, but your muscles are not growing, you may be lacking food or not eating properly. By this we do not mean that you should take several protein shakes, but that you should eat a natural and balanced diet. Protein is your ally in muscle building and rebuilding, but fat and carbohydrates shouldn’t be lacking either. For simplicity, muscles grow when muscle fibers break (from effort) and need to repair (with food and proper rest). Food will be the basis of this growth.
  2. You are not training intensely. Have you been with the same routine for a long time? Is your body already adapted and not making any effort? It may be one of the reasons why you are not seeing results. Maybe you go to the gym but you don’t train hard enough. You may have to increase the loads or intensity. Keep track of your routines and at least change it every two months.
  3. You are forgetting about rest. Rest is equal to or more important than training. If you train with great attention and care, eat healthy, but don’t get enough rest, you may be throwing all your efforts into the trash. During rest, while we sleep, our cells repair themselves, growth hormone is responsible for regulating muscle growth and metabolism. If you don’t rest properly or overtrain your body, your muscles will grow very little.
  4. You are more focused on cardio than resistance exercises. If you are looking to burn fat and increase your muscle mass, you can focus on cardio (preferably HIIT) but if you have already lost fat and now want to grow your muscle mass, let’s approach it the other way around. More resistance training and less cardio or, use some weight in your cardio sessions.
  5. Your routine is basically developed in the weight zone. Challenge your body and mind to other sports that work different muscles and abilities. Possibly if you only focus on doing weights, your muscles and also your mind already know the path traveled. Try a swimming, Yoga or Pilates class, even dance! In addition to developing new skills, you will work muscles that you have not been used to.


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