It seems difficult that we can lose fat, without our muscle mass being compromised. And more so because when our body begins to take the energy it needs from fat reserves, it can also use muscle tissue. And it is that to lose fat, we must have a caloric deficit that allows our body to use fat reserves as energy. However, with proper nutrition and exercise, we can lose fat without losing muscle. Here are 3 strategies that you should implement when looking to lose fat and not muscle.

  1. Eat a healthy diet, with an increase in protein. It is not the same to lose fat because you follow a diet low in calories and also in nutrients (unfortunately it is what usually happens) to lose fat due to a caloric deficit, but with a dense nutrient load. In order not to lose muscle, you must consume protein. They can be of animal origin (preferably) such as eggs, lean meat, fish, milk or of plant origin such as spinach, kale and Swiss chard. The important thing is that you don’t stop consuming protein.
  2. Do resistance exercise or increase loads.  If you do not do weights, it is time for you to start doing them and if you already practice them, you can increase the weight or the repetitions. If you are on a diet to lose fat through diet, to avoid losing muscle, you should include a weight routine in your exercise program. It’s best if you do compound exercises that target all muscle groups.
  3. Limit cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is excellent for losing fat, but if you do it in excess and also intensely, do not eat properly and do not do weights, you will most likely end up with a low percentage of fat, but also with little muscle mass. You do cardio, but limit it to four times a week.


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