Having a workout that allows you to continue burning calories after doing it is the desire of many people looking to lose fat (extra kilos) or maintain a healthy weight. On other occasions we have talked about strategies to lose weight without going to the gym. Reducing caloric intake, that is, spending more energy than you consume is one of the most effective strategies that we can follow when we want to lose weight. But if you like exercise and you are already practicing it, in this article you will find strategies to obtain the maximum benefits from your training.

  1. Practice HIIT (High Intensity Training Intervals). Don’t waste hours of your time in a gym doing exercises that won’t help you burn calories after training. This type of training alternates short periods of rest with periods of very intense exercise, which causes your body to need a lot of oxygen to work. Likewise, HIIT is based on the combination of resistance exercises with cardiovascular exercises. The energy requirement of your body is very great not only during training, but many hours afterwards.
  2. Don’t forget about proteins. If you did a very strenuous exercise, especially resistance, your muscles will need to recover and that recovery will use a lot of energy from your body to restore muscle fibers. Rest and the consumption of proteins (preferably natural) will be your allies.
  3. The weights are your allies. When it comes to fat loss, many immediately think of cardio as the best candidate. And of course, we put resistance exercise (weights) aside for fear of gaining weight, seeing ourselves with greater volume or that fat becomes muscle (all are myths). When in fact, it is the resistance exercise that will allow us to burn calories after having trained. When we focus on building muscle, our body becomes a fat burning machine.
  4. Break. Allow your body to function perfectly by offering it adequate rest. If we don’t sleep properly, all of our hormone levels go out of whack and metabolism slows down. If you want to burn more calories after exercising, get plenty of sleep and rest.


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