If like many people you want to be strong, but you do not want to have big muscles, surely you avoid working with weights. However, we want to tell you that working your muscles and making them grow will prevent countless diseases in the future.

To develop strength, without having a body with large muscles, it is necessary that you take care of your diet. First, you must reduce your fat percentage. You want to be strong and marked, but not with volume, you have to nourish yourself with a greater number of proteins and healthy fats and reduce your carbohydrate consumption. Unfortunately, many people you see in the gym with high volume, in part it is fat and muscle. They are generally people who, as they perform a very intense weight training, also eat large amounts of food, mostly carbohydrates.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a slimmer body, yes, with marked and strong muscles, the strategy will have to be completely different.

As we already said, you will first take care of what you eat. Second, you will focus on compound exercises where with little weight, you will work several muscle groups. Third, you will perform polymetric exercise training that consists of quick and short movements where the muscle stretches and contracts quickly. You have to be especially careful with this type of training, because if your muscles are not strong enough, there is a risk of injury. Fourth, you will include a Yoga or Pilates routine where you will continue to work strength, but also elasticity. And the fifth, just as important as the first, you should rest to help your body repair itself.

Remember that it is important that even if we do not want volume, we do work and exercise our muscles.


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