Genetics may or may not be in your favor, as well as your standard metabolism. Complexions exist, and there are lucky people who pack little fat and have optimal muscle tone even if they don’t lift weights. But within our genetics and body predispositions, we can do quite a few things for our body .

From eating healthy to adapting a sports routine not only to stay healthy, but to achieve certain aesthetic goals.

Many men are thin in complexion, their muscles have almost no tone, and gaining volume is almost an odyssey. But not everything is given to you by sport, if this is your case, you will have to follow some diet guidelines that are in line with certain sports tips. The best? That you have the help of a personal trainer who adapts the exercises to your body state and you pursue that body transformation together.

No nutrition do not get anything: to the contrary that people who need to lose weight, we have to reach a caloric surplus, but anyway . The quality of the food you eat is important for this. It is not worth swelling yourself to pizza or junk food that does not give you anything, but you have to increase your consumption of quality proteins: fish, meat and eggs. Of course, always complemented with greens, vegetables and good cereals. Slow absorption carbohydrates will make that energy last longer, it also helps you train and not break down so fast.

Get into caloric surplus, but not just anyway

1. May the force be with you: nutrition is essential for any volume gain training to be effective, it is not worth focusing on one part or only on the other. If you are really clear that you want to develop muscularly, you will have to be very constant and follow diet and training to the letter . Strength training is the key to stimulating muscle and growth hormone, the loads will have to be adapted to your body condition and its evolution .


I mean, you can’t start the house from the roof. The first phase will be to gain muscle tone and the second to increase the load and do few repetitions in which you lift a lot of weight, and this you will overcome every “x” months. Do not start with loads with which you can only do a couple of repetitions, first because if your muscles do not resist it, you will only get injured and little else. It is absurd.

2. Personalized exercises: although it is very common to look at the table that your colleague follows and even go two by two to train and do exactly the same circuit, it is doubtful that you both have the same body and the same physical condition. If you don’t want to hire a coach, at least go to one of the gym who can go from time to time to review your progress and change your routine .

3. Pull for multi-joint exercises: this type of exercise stimulates the secretion of growth hormone a lot, therefore, they are the ones that interest you the most. What are these? Squat, bench press, deadlifts, chin-ups, push-ups, military press … If you can avoid, at first, those isolated exercises, much better. It is recommended that you do those that involve several joints. Once we have gained a certain volume, we will go to the individual ones.

4. The load: at first it is normal that you do not throw a huge weight, but the feeling of effort when pulling or pushing a weight has to be between 7-10 of your maximum. If for you (counting from 1 to 10) you have a feeling of being at a 3 or a 5, and you could do twenty repetitions without getting tired, you are not doing well. Even if you throw “little”, relatively, at the beginning. You have to be close to your maximum effort, otherwise it is impossible to increase muscle mass.


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