When we cannot exercise in a gym, in a park or in a club, because we cannot leave our houses, the worst thing we can do is forget about our exercise routine. If you were already constantly exercising, it was part of your life and it made you feel very good, you should not leave it! You may think that “conditions” are not suitable as in a gym, but we must learn to adapt to new situations.

The most important thing is that you continue to exercise, first, so that you do not lose the habit of doing it, and secondly, to stay active and healthy.

Now that you are determined to exercise at home, consider the following tips that will help you get the most benefit.

  1. Adapt the space. If you have to exercise in the living room or bedroom, you can adapt the space, perhaps moving some furniture or exercising in a hallway of your house, on the patio or in the place that best suits your needs. Possibly the first days you will find the activity very complicated, but surely you will be able to adapt quickly.
  2. Find the exercise that you like the most. With the help of the Internet, you can easily find completely free routines and videos. If you had a weight routine with machines, it may be time to start exercising with your own weight. You can also use water bottles to add a little weight, or use elastic bands or weights on the ankles and wrists. On the Internet you will find dance classes, yoga, Pilates, cardio, etc.
  3. Use if possible an application with routines. There are applications with initial evaluation, exercise routines, meal plans, etc. The plans that most of these applications offer are low-cost and really help you keep track of your eating plans and your exercise routine.
  4. Start progressively. Maybe you already exercised before, but remember that you are starting a new training plan, therefore, start gradually and increase the degree of work or difficulty, so you will avoid injuring yourself.
  5. Have a schedule. Just like when you went to the gym you respected a schedule, in the same way you must establish and respect it while you exercise at home. Exercise at a time when all members of your family know that they should not bother you or interrupt you.
  6. Set goals. Keep a journal where you write down your progress, you can measure it in time exercised, number of repetitions, etc. So that you can see progress, you must establish a routine and goals.
  7. Take care of your diet. Staying active by exercising will help you have better health, but it will be useless if your diet is based on junk or industrialized food. Eat natural foods, increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, healthy fat, protein and stay hydrated all the time.
  8. Commit yourself. When exercising from home, the only person you will be accountable to is yourself. You will not have a coach, or a coach, or a team that is motivating you or telling you what to do, therefore, you must also learn to motivate yourself.


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