Now that we have the need to look for options to exercise at home, we must do so by taking all precautions not to injure ourselves and at the same time, obtain the same benefits that we achieved when we exercised in a gym or outdoors. Take note of the most common mistakes we can make when exercising at home, and achieve your goals.

  1. Not using all available resources . Many times, we refuse to see all the opportunities that we have around us and that includes all the available resources that you can have at home to exercise. We are simply left with the idea that “in the gym” if I had a weights, or a stair climber, etc. When we broaden our minds and allow ourselves to explore new things, we discover that we can become very creative. For example, going up and down one step, or then alternating with two steps, can easily do the job of a stair climber. Using bottles with water of different weights can be another resource. How about using a plastic box as a step? Use your imagination and the resources will be available to view!
  2. Get more exercise than you are used to. Just like in the gym, if you overtrain, you can injure yourself. Not because they are exercises at home, it means that they are with less intensity, remember that the only thing that changes is the place. So take it easy and more if you are starting with the exercise. It begins with few repetitions of one or two series, performs routines for beginners, etc. We must learn to listen and respect our body and not overdoing it is part of that love for ourselves.
  3. Don’t make exercise a priority. Establish schedules and ask your family to please respect that time and space that you want to dedicate for you. You can also invite other members of your family to exercise together, the important thing is that they see exercise as a fundamental priority to stay healthy and fit.
  4. Don’t be constant. Sometimes, constancy comes from an external “force” (you can call it a coach, the expense you make in a gym, your friends, etc.) that drives us to be constant. When we don’t have anyone telling us to be consistent, we just put exercise aside. Now, we must learn to be consistent on our own. It is a difficult task, but not impossible. Establish schedules, days of the week to train, and a training plan.
  5. Performing the exercise incorrectly. Without the help of a coach to tell us how to perform the exercise, now we must take responsibility for observing how to perform an exercise correctly. Fortunately, there are thousands of videos on the Internet with tutorials on how to do the exercises correctly. If you are doing a routine online, we recommend that you first see it complete without doing it, so that you can see how it is done correctly and then start the exercise.
  6. Forget about the weight routine.  We know that there are more offers for videos and cardio workouts than weights, but it is very important that you do not forget to use a little weights and do compound exercises, that is, that you include all muscle groups. Squats, lunges, push-ups, etc., with or without weight. Exercising our muscles will help us improve our posture, avoid injuries, speed up our metabolism, among many other benefits.
  7. Do not rest. You need to rest one or two days a week. Just as you established schedules and routines to exercise, you must also establish the days that you will rest. Remember that exercise will help you live a better, fuller and more energetic life, as long as you do it responsibly and carefully. Rest is just as important and your body needs it to recover to avoid injury.


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