The beginnings can be fascinating, but also intimidating. They represent a challenge, since you must learn several things, become familiar, overcome frustration, fear and adapt. This doesn’t just apply to starting to exercise, but to whatever you plan to start. As always mentioned, the challenge is to get started, because when you have been doing something for some time, a habit, a habit and possibly an inertia are created. But how do you go from not exercising to starting to do it? Well, follow these steps and you will see that exercise will soon be part of your life.

  1. It just begins. Stop procrastinating. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect to begin, because you will be putting off the beginning forever. Establish why you want to exercise, your goals, that is, why? Maybe you want to lose weight, become a healthier person, etc. When we have in our mind why we want to do something, it is easier to do it. By finding our real intentions in ourselves, they give us the impetus to begin.
  2. Small steps.  If you want to start exercising and be a high-performance athlete the next day, you will feel very frustrated and possibly throw in the towel, even before you even try. Keep it simple, start small, like walking for 5 minutes. You will realize that the beginnings are not so difficult when we break them into small pieces.
  3. Do something you like.  Starting an exercise that you don’t like will only lead you to quit before the end of the first week. Find an exercise that you enjoy doing, that will motivate you to want to do it every day.
  4. Learn to motivate yourself. Learning to be self-motivated is a tool that will allow you to continue when things do not go as you expect.
  5. Celebrate your results. Since you started, now your next goal will be to stay steady and be consistent. Therefore, it is important that you celebrate your results, they will allow you to continue motivated.


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