Tips to lose weight and Increase Muscle Mass

1- Stop eating food with added sugar Natural foods have energy in the quality and quantity that your body requires. Prefers natural foods to industrialized ones. Always read the labels of industrialized foods. 2- Change your routine If you have noticed that your progress is not as fast as before, it is because your muscles quickly learn the most...

Gain Muscle Lose fat

Genetics may or may not be in your favor, as well as your standard metabolism. Complexions exist, and there are lucky people who pack little fat and have optimal muscle tone even if they don't lift weights. But within our genetics and body predispositions, we can do quite a few things for our body . From eating healthy to...

How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

It seems difficult that we can lose fat, without our muscle mass being compromised. And more so because when our body begins to take the energy it needs from fat reserves, it can also use muscle tissue. And it is that to lose fat, we must have a caloric deficit that allows our body to use...

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