Tips to avoid Stretch Marks When Gaining Muscle Mass

You are very focused on your routine to gain muscle mass. Nothing stops you when you discover red lines on your biceps and shoulders. Stretch marks! They are often difficult to remove once they appear, but here are some tips to avoid them. Stretch marks are scars on the skin caused by the rupture of the elastic fibers...

Why does Poor Sleep Affect Muscle Growth?

On other occasions we have talked about the importance of sleeping well for the optimal functioning of the body. When we sleep, many regenerative processes occur. The cells of our brain are restored, as are the muscles and other tissues. Also during sleep, growth hormone is produced (produced by the pituitary gland) responsible, among other things, for...

5 Tips to Relieve muscle pain

You finished your training and you are happy to have given the maximum, however, now that the muscles are no longer warm, the first muscle aches appear. Trying to move around with sore muscles is not pleasant at all, and going up or down the stairs is a challenge! It is best to try to exercise...

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