Signs of Overtraining and How to Recover

Having a goal or purpose, in addition to an execution strategy, are fundamental steps to achieve anything we set out to do, but the key ingredients of everything are perseverance and dedication. With exercise it is the same. If you are not constant exercising, you will never achieve your goals. However, when we overdo the idea that...

Sets and Repetitions for Muscle Gains

There are many opinions and many studies on what is the optimal number of repetitions and sets (set of repetitions) of an exercise to obtain the greatest benefits in the shortest possible time. There is definitely a relationship with the genetics of each person that, in part, determines the ratio of fast muscle fibers (those...

How to keep Burning Calories after Training

Having a workout that allows you to continue burning calories after doing it is the desire of many people looking to lose fat (extra kilos) or maintain a healthy weight. On other occasions we have talked about strategies to lose weight without going to the gym. Reducing caloric intake, that is, spending more energy than you...

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