You will definitely need more protein if you train hard. Your muscles will need not only additional energy (mainly carbohydrates and fats) but also the building blocks that are the amino acids that make up proteins.

But when is it better to consume protein? 

The answer is very simple: your muscles (and other tissues like ligaments, tendons, and bones) will need the nutrients during the repair-conditioning process, in short: all the time. Especially during the first few days after an intense workout.

But is it better for me to eat protein before training or after training?

Your body needs protein before training. It is permanently regenerating tissues and if you do not give your body the proteins it needs, it will take them from another part of the body where they “surplus”.

However, after intense training, your protein requirement will increase and you will need to eat more of this macronutrient, along with carbohydrates and fat. It is a mistake to eat a diet without carbohydrates or fats. Your body will always need all three macronutrients along with vintamines, minerals, and plenty of water.

Taking a supplement, such as a whey protein powder shake, before your workout is not bad. Much less take it after training. The important thing is that your body has the amino acids of proteins constantly available during the muscle repair and growth process (which can last several days).


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