6 Ways to Grow your Muscles Fast

One of the goals we most seek when visiting a gym, in addition to losing weight, is muscle growth. Having big and strong muscles is synonymous with youth and well-being. Here are six ways to grow them fast.

  1. Do compound exercises. If you want your muscles to grow faster, do compound exercises that target more than two muscles at the same time. The benefit of this training is that it becomes more efficient. Among the compound exercises we find: squats, press, deadlift (port weight), etc.,
  2. Eat protein. Food is essential when it comes to building muscle. Eat high-quality protein like salmon, tuna, lean meat, lentils, and beans. You can also have protein powder during your workout.
  3. Change your routine every six weeks. When it comes to building strong muscles, it is important to be patient. You don’t want to see results overnight, and you don’t want to change your routine every week in order to see a change. Focus on doing your routine correctly and change it at six weeks.
  4. Lose fat. If you want to take to see your muscles, it is important that you lose fat. If your fat percentage is higher than it should be, you will never be able to see your muscles grow. In addition to taking care of your diet, it is important to do cardiovascular exercises. As your muscles grow, you will speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.
  5.  Rest well. You may have the urge to want to train every day to see results faster. Your training is important, but rest is essential. Your muscles need repair to grow. If you train excessively and do not rest, you run the risk of suffering from overtraining syndrome, which will lead to lower performance.
  6. Don’t take anabolic steroids. In addition to being prohibited substances, they pose a very high risk to your health. They can cause depression, fertility problems, heart attacks, even death.


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