Increase your muscle mass with these tips

Eat high-quality protein. They are the building blocks of your body, especially the muscles. If you don’t eat enough eggs, meat, chicken, fish, and nuts, among other foods that contain protein, your body won’t be able to add muscle mass.

Let your muscles rest . Remember that exercise is a destructive activity, the muscle is damaged by the effort you make during your workouts. Muscle grows when you let it rest. Don’t let overtraining affect your muscle growth. The more intense your training is, the more days you have to let go. Listen to your body.

Exercise large muscle groups. It’s great to exercise the small muscles that move your fingers on the forearm and use that machine to achieve spectacular delts, but if you want your body to respond clearly to the exercise, large muscles are your friends. Do exercises like squats and other exercises that involve large muscle groups (free weights, not machines, are best for this).

Sleep very well. At night a very important part of the reconstruction and adaptation of your muscles takes place. Important hormones are produced at night to help these processes. Don’t sabotage your efforts by sleeping poorly.

Change your routine after a few weeks. The body will always look for the most efficient way to perform an activity and that is not good when you want to gain muscle mass. Your body will always use the same muscle fibers and will engage other muscles to perform the effort at the lowest cost. Confuse your body with new routines and it will respond better.

Change the intensity and duration of your sets. Try high reps with low weight and low reps with high weight (be careful not to hurt yourself if you are a beginner).


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