Your muscles respond to your habits in surprising ways. If you are a sedentary person, you never exercise, you do not lift anything heavy and you do not use your muscles, in a few weeks you will only have the necessary muscle mass to be able to move, that is, to move as you do.
Likewise, if you are an active person and ask your muscles for great efforts, in a few weeks you will have the muscles and strength necessary to carry out your workouts. Even bones respond quickly, subjecting them to the stresses and strains of training will make them stronger.
Why does it seem like a lot of work for muscles to grow? Here are the reasons:
  • You don’t exercise them enough. Doing three sets of twelve reps with very little weight (that is, you don’t get tired or feel like you’re going nowhere. Muscle must literally be pushed to its limit to get the adaptive response we’re looking for.
  • You don’t give them enough nutrients.  All right, you already exercised intensely, now what? Well, a very important part is giving your body the materials it will require to rebuild damaged tissues and build new muscle.
  • You don’t let them rest . As important as the previous point. Remember that exercise is a destructive process (you damage the tissue), rest and food are the necessary formula for your body to adapt. Sleep very well and rest the muscles you worked until they no longer hurt. Overtraining is a cause, not only of suboptimal results, but of injuries and frustration.
  • You are close to your genetic potential.  If you have been training for years and have a lot of muscle, it will cost you much more work to increase your muscle mass. This is good news for beginners who will benefit otherwise. If you have never exercised intensely, you will see great results in just a few weeks.
  • You don’t change your training routines.  Your body has an amazing ability to get used to an activity. If you always do the same exercises, your body will be able to do them using the minimum amount of resources (muscle fibers and energy). In a few weeks your regular training will become easy and will give you less results. Change your routines regularly. Confuse your muscles and you will see them grow.
  • You don’t produce enough testosterone. Age is a factor. If you are between 18 and 25 years old you should not have any problem, but if you go over 40 or 50 your body no longer produces as much testosterone as it used to. You must be patient and be consistent with your training and eating.


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