There are many habits that can help you build large and strong muscles, the following are critical and fundamental aspects of effective muscle training:

  1. They change their routine frequently. Your body is very “intelligent” and will always find a way to carry out what you ask of it in the most efficient way possible, using the least amount of energy and it will “learn” your usual activities by heart. If you always train on a treadmill, switch to a walk in the woods and you will see remarkable progress. You can change the exercises, the order, the intensity and the rest periods.
  2. They perform exercises that involve large muscle groups. Which are? They typically involve the movement of more than one joint. They are usually exercises with body weight or free weight and have the benefit of strengthening and coordinating more muscles
  3. Rest is one of your priorities . Muscle builders know that adequate and adequate rest is critical to building large, strong muscles. It is as important as your training.
  4. They eat enough protein. If your body doesn’t have protein available to repair and build muscle, it will take it from other tissues. There are no protein stores like the energy stores found in adipose tissue.
  5. They are persistent. They know that muscle grows and gets stronger very slowly. Only beginners will see remarkable progress in a few months. Those who have been training for a long time know that progress can be slow from one year to the next, but that does not mean they get discouraged and stop training. If you stop training, the body gets rid of that muscle mass that it does not use and that has a high metabolic cost. The priority of our body is survival.


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